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Hi - Thanks for visiting my Astrophotography website. My name is Steve King and I was born in 1941. It wasn't until after I retired and was in my 70s that I started into this hobby of astrophotography (taking pictures of stars and galaxies and nebulae). In this site I share the fruits of this "late blooming" hobby.

You will find all my images of all 110 Messier objects as well as many other images of Galaxies, Nebulae and Star Clusters. The Messier images were all taken with a Canon Rebel T3 camera. However, I have now switched to a cooled camera that uses external filters (in a Filter Wheel) to capture better images of Nebulae. Four different refractor telescopes were used in acquiring the images (Orion ST80,  Orion ED80T CF, Explore Scientific ED102 and Williams Optics Star71).  However, most of MY FAVORITES IMAGES were taken with the Williams Optics Star71 telescope which has a relatively large FOV to capture the larger nebula targets.

I've really enjoyed this hobby and continue to learn about the acquisition and processing of the images.  We are very lucky to live at a time when technology has advanced to the point where even amateurs can produce images like these.


Steve King

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